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Mary Plantwalker

Mary Plantwalker

A Visionary Voice & Steward of the Plant World

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Mary Plantwalker: A Visionary Voice & Steward of the Plant World

Meet Mary Plantwalker.

A life-long lover of plants and devoted steward of the natural world. She’s also the visionary muse behind the Appalachian Tea Ceremony and is a writer here on substack:

Listen in to learn about how Mary became a voice for the plants. Mary and I talk about the story behind her extraordinary tea ceremony, and how she weaves magic & ritual into her everyday.

*Plus—Mary also shares a special “secret story” about the lessons she’s learned from a treasured tree that stands right outside her front door!

I know you are going to love Mary as much as I do! She has enriched my life in so many ways and continues to inspire through her deep spiritual stewardship. I feel very lucky to call her friend!

Mary with one of her beloved chickens

Learn More about Mary!

Subscribe to Mary’s substack:

Mary’s website: www.maryplantwalker.com

Follow Mary on Instagram: @maryplantwalker

And…here’s a wonderful article Mary wrote about creating your very own tea ceremony!

Mary at Herb Mountain Farm

The Appalachian Tea Ceremony | Winter Solstice

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